Bradley University

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Lydia Moss Bradley was an 1890s superhero with an origin story that would make Marvel swoon. She founded a university before women had the right to vote by employing the clarity of vision and practical audacity that lead to her to become the first woman to sit on a national bank’s board of directors, to create the first-known prenuptial agreement, and to achieve countless milestones ahead of her time. Flash forward to today and Bradley’s challenge was to rekindle the audacity that existed on day one. To tell the story of tremendous achievement without boasting. To demonstrate how the university continues to transcend the limits of today. To show that civility toward others doesn’t indicate weakness in ourselves, but confidence in the strength of our common purpose. The members of the Bradley University community are originators of change whose bold way forward is illuminated by their visionary past.

Creative Idea – Built to Beyond

How do you build beyond the imagination of today to meet the challenges of tomorrow?

As the first female founder of a US university, Lydia Moss Bradley broke boundaries to build a new model of education beyond the limitations of her day. Today, we lead with our legacy as we educate students to not only fill positions, but to fulfill that vision. It’s professors going beyond office hours to build relationships that last beyond four years. It’s the mindset of our students, learning beyond the classroom to build careers ahead of the curve. It’s a community imagining what could be, then rolling up our sleeves and working together to build it.

Because there’s forward thinking, and forward-doing. For us, beyond is not a destination. It’s what we do every day. Not to get ahead, but to go ahead and lead the way forward.

Because we are Built to Beyond.