Brandman University

Brand Development, Ad Campaign, Brand Rollout

Brandman University serves adult- and continuing-education learners with innovative programs to balance education, career, and family. Equally strong in online and on-campus offerings, they compete with big-budget online schools, community colleges with low academic standards, cheaper state universities, and most notably, the inertia of life itself. Still, their ability to support students blows the competition away –completion rates two times the average, lower debt loads and default rates, and 92% student satisfaction.

Our Challenge – position Brandman as the not-for-profit challenger that helps students achieve their goals by taking on the issues that haunt big higher education (predatory for-profit schools, student debt, low graduation rates) by innovating through the roadblocks to it.

Creative Idea – Go Ahead

For many people going back to school can feel like just
that – going back. It often means putting a career on hold, missing time with family, and taking on debt. It can be hard to have the confidence to take that backward step in pursuit of a goal that many fail to achieve. But, with our support and guidance, Brandman students are twice as likely to graduate from their programs and go on to successful careers. So, it’s a lot less like going back to school and more like going ahead to school and life beyond it.