Cape Breton University

Brand Development, Strategic Positioning, Advancement Campaign Planning, Logo Development, Brand Rollout Consulting

Strategic Positioning – Forging Prosperity

Finding ways to make something stronger than the sum of its parts is just what you do when you’re on an island. For CBU, that meant taking the best of their resources – cultural, natural, personal, environmental, and entrepreneurial – and bringing forth the true power of Cape Breton to create a better future for all.

Creative Idea – Forever CBU

Fifty years of growth, 50 years of innovation. 50 years of results that have transformed our island. For as long as there has been Cape Breton University, Cape Bretoners have striven together, derived strength from each other, and succeeded together. That’s the way it is today and should always be – past, present, and future. Cape Breton University and our island are growing and thriving together. Every day we are building each other: educating students from over 50 countries; employing more people than ever before; researching how to use our resources wisely; working with our communities and partners to build a sustainable, multi-cultural future; and innovating globally scalable opportunities to move us all forward together. Cape Bretoners, wherever we go, build communities that welcome and thrive on CBU’s approach to innovation. The things we accomplish are a model for progress here on our shores and around the world. Now and forever, CBU.