Brand Creation, Strategic Positioning, Naming

We started working with the artists formerly known as GiveMagic in early 2020, bringing their video platform beyond the non-profit sector toward other mission-driven industries. After getting to know them well, we realized that there was a critical flaw with their brand – it only showed one side of who they really are. 

They help spur action by affirming customer decisions at all points of the sales cycle – from end to end and back to the beginning again – invigorating intent and living in the space where customer intentions and brand content connect. With a strong company-wide commitment to doing what’s right, and a powerful integration with the biggest consumer database platforms, they were at their own intersection of humanity and SaaS. 

Creative Idea – Tailor-Made Action

The right fit is everything. When something feels like it was made for you – like it allows for your every movement, like it anticipates what you will do next – it confers a sense of comfort and pleasure. It makes you feel special. It can be as true for brand-customer relationships as it is for a well-made suit. But how can brands truly understand their customer relationships and demonstrate this understanding? Strong personal connections are are built not just on what you do but when and how you do it. Begin to interact with your customers when and how they want, with communications that deliver the right message at the right time, and you see customer relationships that deliver that made-for-you feeling on both sides.