UVA Darden

Brand Strategy, Brand Evolution, Ad Campaign

Effectuating Futurists

The bar was set pretty low - the newly-minted #1 Public Business School was searching for a brand campaign that would unify their explosive growth while pushing the award-winning preceding campaign to new heights. Creating a single voice with which every offering from Traditional MBA to EELL could show its strength and leadership while planting a strong flag in the ground for why a Darden education stands apart.
Creative Idea

Darden Hates Business As Usual

We built a campaign that leaned into what others thought of as weakness. That Darden is anything but Business School as Usual; rather it is a place where doers with the skills, smarts, and sense of purpose and ethics go to forge the future, rage against the status quo, and push the world of business beyond what’s thought to be possible. If you have the courage to send “usual” packing, Darden wants to get to know you. Because that’s what it takes to un-quo the status. And conquer usual.