A journey of a zillion miles starts with a single step. We call that first step immersion.

Dive Deep — Immersion

Sure, you can tell us everything you think you know about your brand and what sets it apart. But to help you move the needle, we have to experience it ourselves. To see it, hear it, live it. We look where others won’t. To see what others don’t. To find the pearls of insight that set your brand apart.

Plan It Out — Strategy

Now, thoroughly submerged in insights and information, we build a brief that outlines what we’ve learned— the opportunities and challenges for the brand, and how we’ll express ourselves going forward. We’ll also define some success metrics— how we’ll measure the effectiveness of the new messaging platform. This strategy is our guiding light, shaping all the work we create going forward.

Make It Real — Creative Concept

With the strategic positioning as our launchpad, it’s time to bring the new brand to life. Our creative teams translate the strategy into an outward-facing creative idea that grabs attention, incites goosebumps, and is completely and utterly yours. Through copy and art, the brand begins to take shape. It finds its voice and becomes the foundation for all future communications.

Prove It Out — Execution & Measurement

Once the new brand is established, it’s time to launch it into the world. We execute communications across channels and tactics then measure the results against specific organizational priorities—website traffic, applications, donations, engagements, sales, awareness, and more—that we have identified earlier in the process. Measuring wherever possible, we build a living, breathing brand to market, shifting the perception of your organization.