Aria Health

Brand Evolution, Internal Branding

Work Toward the Best

Formed by the merger of an inner-city hospital and two suburban hospitals, Aria Health had two tough challenges: larger rivals who could easily afford to outspend them and geographically and socio-economically disparate audiences who look to the health-care system for very different answers. While much of the competitive landscape focused on the availability of technology and expertise to treat the maladies of their patients, Aria saw the opportunity to champion health.
Creative Idea

Promote Health. Treat Sickness.

Take a drive down I-95 and you'll pass billboard after billboard of hospitals touting top docs, cutting-edge technology, and new procedures. And while we have Dr. Bartolozzi, robotic surgery, and minimally invasive procedures - our philosophy is different. You see, while everyone else is trying to treat your pain, we're focused on preventing knee replacements, lung cancer, and gallstones. This is how we are advancing not only our health system, but more importantly, the people we serve.