Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Brand Development, Strategic Positioning, Advertising Campaign

Perpetuating a Force for Health

Osteopaths had long been the red-headed step-child of the medical community. Add to that the fact that osteopaths are much more likely to practice primary care than any medical specialty and the perception that osteopaths are "lesser" doctors became commonplace. But within medical circles, the practice of osteopathic medicine was coming into its own, with DOs taking and passing the same licensing exams as MDs, the osteopathic approach to medicine being validated in peer-reviewed research, and a broad range of medical practitioners co-opting osteopathic treatments because of their many benefits to patients. PCOM tasked us with building a brand that would allow them to claim a place at the forefront of medical practice, a rigorous medical educator taking a 360 degree view of patients as they build a force for health in the communities they serve.
Creative Idea

A Formula for Health

An expansive breadth of scientific learning + A holistic approach to people and health. Hands-on training + Hands-on treatment. Mind + Body + Personal care. Better-equipped medical professionals + A society in need of change. A smarter, healthier world for humanity as a whole.