Butler University

Brand Evolution, Admissions Campaign, Advancement Brand, Arts Center Rebranding

Harnessing "The Butler Way"

A Cinderella run to the Final Four in the NCAA Tournament resulted in a lot of attention for a university that not many people had ever heard of before. And that's really too bad, because what has come to be known as "The Butler Way," putting collaboration first, the team before the individual, had resulted in a long history of graduates who understand how to make synergy work for them. Butler wanted to build a brand that spoke to an education built on partnership - among students, between students and faculty, between the university and the business community. Wherever the opportunity to work together arises, Butler educates students to contribute there.
Creative Idea

The Product of Industry

When you take the industrious, mid-western work ethic and put it into practice at the crossroads of America, you educate mission-driven people who are most comfortable when collaborating. The result is career- and community-ready citizens who graduate primed with experience, prepared to get things done. This is the product of industry.
Advancement Brand

The Butler Effect

The Butler experience is transformative. No two Butler students experience Butler the same way. Yet, time and again, students achieve similarly exceptional outcomes – and they do so the right way. The right way, the Butler Way, means that how we do things is as important as what we do.
Our students and graduates take these innovative learning experiences and meaningful relationships with them, spreading the impact of the Butler Way throughout their communities. The impact and ripple effect of these connections extend far beyond campus and the college years. At Butler, we nurture the extraordinary so that they carry and spread the Butler Effect wherever they go.

Arts Center Rebrand

The Butler Arts Center

When your liberal arts university includes a conservatory-quality school like the Jordan College of Arts, and is the home to some of Indianapolis’s finest performance facilities, explaining how all of this talent is available and accessible to the masses becomes almost as challenging as standing en pointe. With countless corporate sponsors, named theaters and buildings, and traveling show requirements, we built a sub brand and logo for the Butler Arts Center that could cooperate with these requirements while still being uniquely and fully Butler.