Hirtle Callahan

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Outsourced What?

Hirtle Callahan pioneered the Outsourced CIO investment model. It's financial and it's very complicated. So much so that most people really didn't understand it. So how do you develop a brand for something so complex? Well, like many complex systems, theirs relies on a disciplined exploration of an underlying truth. The truth behind Hirtle Callahan's money management is that they develop a single yet flexible and customizable investment strategy, so that every client from the smallest to the largest can rest assured that they benefit from Hirtle Callahan's best thinking.
Creative Idea

The Truth about Money

Which lives matter to you? Black, blue, or all? Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? What's your net worth? Feeling uncomfortable yet? Like politics and religion, talking about money is taboo. A subject to avoid in polite company. But our clients can't afford half-truths and miscommunication and we have no time for it. We stand on clarity, sense, and method - practicing the radical act of financial transparency. We speak openly and honestly about money because we have the important work of building legacies to get to. We have frank conversations that cut to the heart of our clients' needs and our sincerity yields results. Knowing our clients, we develop portfolios and investments that build legacies that are true to them. Feeling comfortable now?