Bradley University

A woman who founded a university in the 1890s lived a life that continues to be an example for the world today.

Originators of Change

New leadership at Bradley University created new challenges and ambitious 
goals – including strengthening undergraduate and graduate admissions, launching a comprehensive campaign, and moving from regional to national rankings. But how to differentiate a school that, on the surface, looks like so many others? When you look beyond the surface, Bradley’s remarkable position as the first US university founded by a woman began a history of innovation unmatched by schools of comparable size. The University is the embodiment of someone who looked beyond the limitations of her times, creating a future that leads by 
this legacy.
Creative Idea

Built To Beyond

How do you build beyond the imagination of today to meet the challenges of tomorrow? As the first female founder of a university, Lydia Moss Bradley broke boundaries to build a new model of education beyond the limitations of her day. Today, we lead with our legacy as we educate students to not only fill positions, but to fulfill that vision. It’s professors going beyond office hours to build relationships that last beyond four years. It’s the mindset of our students, learning beyond the classroom to build careers ahead of the curve. It’s a community imagining what could be, then rolling up our sleeves and working together to build it. Because there’s forward-thinking and then there’s forward-doing. For us, beyond is not a destination, it’s what we do every day. Not to get ahead, but to go ahead and lead the way forward. Because we are built to beyond.

The Little Book of Big Ideas

Rather than do a lengthy, verbose tome filled with details, we opted to do a viewbook of overarching ideas that prospective students should be thinking about no matter where they want to go.

Turner Center for Entrepreneurship

Applied Ambitionology

The Turner Center isn’t an institution, or destination. It’s infinite access points to every person, place, idea, and experience that entrepreneurs at any point in their journey need to build and grow a business. It brings together the academic discipline of Bradley University and the real-world expertise of community, business and government. In doing so, we advance the entrepreneurial spirit, supporting innovative, ambitious business ideas that grow the economy of Central Illinois. Ambition can’t thrive in a silo. The Turner Center helps entrepreneurs bring theirs to the world.