New York University

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Home to Earth's Boldest

With degree-granting campuses in New York, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai, and a further 11 global academic centers on all of Earth's six inhabited continents, an NYU education is no simple matter. The complexity of NYU's offering resulted in a fragmented approach to admissions communications, with the three campuses recruiting their own students under different brands and communicating different things. Yet all of these facilities were not created to operate independently - but to be a unified global offering by a visionary leader. Our task was to develop the world's first and only global admissions brand, to draw the world's boldest students to the world's first global university.
Creative Idea

The University that Never Sleeps

Once, great distances and great differences - of language, religion, and culture separated us from one another. But today, our 21st-century planet has never seemed so small, so accessible. In this world, the people you will know, work with, work for, manage, like, and love are not necessarily those who physically surround you. To be truly successful, you must be comfortable anywhere and effective everywhere. And that necessitates an education in which culture is as important as classroom, where outreach is worldwide, and where ideas, people, and understanding across societies, borders, and time zones are freely exchanged. At any moment, at any time of day, there is always an NYU student, professor, or alumnus working hard to make this new world a better place. We are the University that never sleeps.