Case Western Reserve University

The world is full of universities telling you what you get by enrolling. Case Western Reserve wants to tell you what you get by finishing.

Launching the New Renaissance

As a place to get a world-class education, Cleveland does not come to mind. The city had a long-held reputation as a relic of the industrial revolution: a place of urban decay, tired infrastructure and few ideas to overcome these challenges. Yet Case Western Reserve University had been achieving great results in bringing the city back from the brink, and providing students with the kinds of broadly applicable learning opportunities upon which they could build lives and careers. They asked us to create for them an outcomes piece, justifying the cost of a CWRU education, showcasing the University’s many resources (including being the first university to partner with Microsoft’s HoloLens program) and showing that graduates have opportunities equal to those of graduates from top universities.
Creative Idea

How To Create a Never-Ending Fuel Supply

The ability to keep going – no matter how far or how broad you want to go – depends on your ability to replenish your fuel. And there is no fuel like ideas. While science teaches us that energy is stored in bonds, the same can be said for ideas. The bonds between people and between diverse fields of study hold the promise of incredible energies to transform ourselves, our ideas and the world around us. The ability to synthesize information in new ways yields energy much greater than the sum of its parts. We are harnessing the energy from everything we do, as a university and as alumni, and unleashing it as solutions that take us to places we never imagined.