University of Surrey

Brand Evolution, International Admissions, Partnership Outreach, Alumni Development

Elevating Applied Research

The University of Surrey is the UK's best university not in The Russell Group, a collection of 24 universities with a reputational lock on quality akin to The Ivy League. Despite its rankings being substantially higher than many Russell Group members, its Gold Award in Britain's Teaching Excellence Framework, and being named the best UK university for student experience, Surrey's focus on applied research was a barrier to entering the elite echelon of British universities. Enter a new Vice Chancellor, one with a history of moving universities up in the World League Tables, with a vision to recruit global rock-star academics whose primary research provides the connective tissue to show Surrey's research prowess in a new light, improve rankings and attract and train the best students.
Creative Idea

Brilliant Brought to Life

The University of Surrey is an open platform for discovery. Located at a global crossroads of the academic, cultural and business worlds, the University creates relationships between people and ideas that link life today with tomorrow's possibilities. By educating a generation of international innovators and engaging in research partnerships at every scale, we create a coherent ecosystem of education and impact, poised to address global challenges. With an emphasis on application, Surrey epitomizes how working along surprising paths can maximise the value of potential to the world. Through collaboration and connection, the Surrey community is bringing the full scope of a well-realised future to fruition.