Turner Center for Entrepreneurship

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Your Next Best Step

Entrepreneurship is neither a short road nor an easy one. Wherever you are going, the successes, and the failures, will be yours. How do you begin? How do you get going? How do you keep going? And there are decisions to be made at every step that could mean the end of your business. Though you are on your own more than ever before, you need not be alone. At every point, the Turner Center for Entrepreneurship can help you make the right decision. That’s what we are here for – to be your impartial advisor, whether it’s writing your business plan, navigating your way through the entrepreneurial network, or preparing your business to scale. And all at no cost to you. No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, The Turner Center is your best next step.
Creative Idea

Applied Ambitionology

The Turner Center isn’t an institution, or destination. It’s infinite access points to every person, place, idea, and experience that entrepreneurs at any point in their journey need to build and grow a business. It brings together the academic discipline of Bradley University and the real-world expertise of community, business and government. In doing so, we advance the entrepreneurial spirit, supporting innovative, ambitious business ideas that grow the economy of Central Illinois. Ambition can’t thrive in a silo. The Turner Center helps entrepreneurs bring theirs to the world.