The Johns Hopkins University

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A Beacon for the Fearless

Lacking the cachet of The Ivy League and often overlooked in favor of the Stanfords, Chicagos and MITs of the world, The Johns Hopkins University is, nevertheless, the best university located anywhere near what is arguably the most powerful city on Earth, Washington DC. Widely known for three things: their Medical School, men's lacrosse and soul-crushing difficulty, JHU wanted to be known for other reasons. Like their best-in-the-world art history department, their first-in-the-nation program in genetic engineering and the complete lack of academic requirements, meaning that students are free to build the education they want. And JHU's status, alone, as the largest recipient of federal research dollars means that undergraduates can have unparalleled access to the kinds of opportunities that build careers. Hopkins is truly a place where fearless students are supported as they reach for all they can.
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Within Reach

We were approached to sail the black seas of space, and we did. We were asked to authenticate one of the most important ancient texts ever to exist, and we did. We were given an assignment like at any other university, and we made a discovery that birthed the entirely new field of genetic engineering. What seem like monumental projects are everyday achievements at Johns Hopkins. The faith and trust put in our University are met with enthusiasm, motivation, and results. It's why students want to learn here, why professors want to teach here, and why people, companies, institutions, and governments rely on us to solve problems. We don't fear failure. We don't fear the impossible. We are the center for research, and a magnet for talent and resources. Whatever can be dreamed of can be achieved at Johns Hopkins. Here, everything is within reach.