A global pharmaceutical company takes on the barriers to seeking treatment for millions of severe asthmatics.

Breathe Easier

Breathing is the most essential activity to life itself. Anything that helps remove the barriers to breathing – a better understanding of the patient’s disease state, risk level, and how to change their status quo in a positive direction – should be met with open arms. Yet tens of millions of people worldwide live with severe uncontrolled asthma. AstraZeneca was looking for ways to accelerate their journeys to the proper healthcare practitioners to receive the right treatment.
Creative Idea

Invisible Beauty

You cannot see breath, but it is beautiful nonetheless. Breathing, when it’s slow or deep, it brings calm, happiness, love. When it’s quick and sharp it conveys excitement, anticipation. Like music, breathing has a tempo and a rhythm that reveals the truth of what we feel. To celebrate AZ’s partnership with WeFight to develop Vik Asthma, let’s bring the invisible beauty of breathing to life through music where the sole instrument is the breath.