Brandman University

A non-profit university for adult learners changes the narrative for what is often viewed as a predatory industry.

Standing Out in an Online Space

What might first appear as an also-ran in the online higher-education space is anything but. A not-for-profit university, Brandman University had built its business by providing outstanding support from day one – pre-enrollment as well as academic, life, and career support for students – and enviable statistics in student outcomes in terms of program completion, career placement and debt repayment. Brandman wanted to disrupt tired predatory notions of online higher-education and promote the idea that the only education that matters is one that students can actually complete. Brandman built its business around the tools that would help students get there.
Creative Idea

Go Ahead

For many people, going back to school can feel like just that – going back. It often means putting a career on hold, missing time with family, and taking on debt. It can be hard to have the confidence to take that backward step in pursuit of a goal that many fail to achieve. But, with our support and guidance, Brandman students are twice as likely to graduate from their programs and go on to successful careers. So, it’s a lot less like going back to school and a lot more like going ahead to school and life beyond it.