UMass Global

Bringing more education to more people is a revolution in higher education.

The New 50-Year-Old

A new name, a new partnership, a new logo, and over 50 years of successfully educating non-traditional students. Our task was to unite these disparate themes, highlighting the power of a new partnership and the expanded geographic opportunity while maintaining the considerable advantage in student success and support that the previous brand held.
Creative Idea

Empowerment to the People

The world is a busy place. It’s busy changing. It’s everywhere, every day. Disrupting the world we know. Challenging people to keep up or risk being left behind. A world where transformation is not just desirable but necessary in order to stay relevant. We spend more time focused on educational innovations that working men and women need to be successful in their lives than we have following the rules of higher education: empowering our students and ourselves to challenge landscape of higher education and the world beyond.
Regional Out-of-Home

Boston, Then and Now

The Boston area is noted for many things – two of them being storied history and nightmarish traffic. As it turns out, these might be relevant to online education.