Goizueta Business School

Business School Brand, Corporate Partnership Program, Brand Extension

Driving Change

At only 250 students, Goizueta Business School at Emory University is dwarfed by many business schools of similar quality. A new dean arrived with an ambitious agenda for the school to punch above its weight. Building on a reputation of educating business leaders - generals rather than soldiers - they sought a branded corporate partnership program that functioned like an elite management consulting firm. One that would embed students into leadership rolls in corporate projects jointly run by Goizueta and its partners.
Creative Idea

We Are Complete

What is partnership to us? We expand each other's abilities, we combine assets, and we grab dinner after a long day of work. We collaborate. We debate. We break down walls we couldn't with just one hammer. We have tools you want and you have resources we need. We fill each other's gaps. Partnership with Goizueta helps us both take on anything, for the future of business and for education of the people who'll lead it. With this partnership, we are complete.