Fine & Dandy

In an age of minimalism, one company makes the argument for a return to maximalism.

Living Fantastically

Started as a passion project by three remarkable women who believe the ultimate freedom is to meld your expressive self and your daily life into one, Fine & Dandy began their business by creating spaces that are stunning, attainable, usable, and transformative. F&D allows you to make your home into an extension of your wildest imagination. Substrate, design, and finishing choices create the canvas with which the soul is presented, allowing people to escape to imagination as they choose, not as life allows them. The founders asked for a brand that supports their current business and allows for expanding into new lines of fashion and home decor as they grow.
Creative Idea

Rage Against the Beige

Beige is the agent of bland. It wants to crush any impulse to creativity. And relax you into a sea of sameness, where you absorb banality and call it modern. Well, to that, we respond with a prominently placed classical statue with an extended middle finger. To that, we say art is not the canvas alone and call it a day. Life is not giving in to endless despair and, oh well, goodnight. And design is not for the weak in spirit. Because your home is not the place where conformity lives. It’s the place where YOU live. So, break the rules, have some fun and do things your way. Rage, rage against the beige.
Fine and Dandy Brand Art
Look Book

Please Close the Book

For some people, our designs are too much. We’re not really talking to them. And that’s OK.

Business Partnership

Sherwin Williams is Fine and Dandy

F&D’s first co-branded partnership set the stage for how the company will expand its product line