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A Brand From Inside Out

Wisconsin, state and university, were founded together in 1848, with a unique, symbiotic relationship resulting in "The Madison Miracle," one of the world's most prolific research universities being located in an obscure, agricultural state, far from research and population centers. This relationship, codified in "The Wisconsin Idea," the notion that the state and university are one, led to a structure unique among America's land-grant universities - all of Madison's schools and colleges are co-located, physically on a single campus. The result is robust, multidisciplinary research practices and outcomes unmatched by most universities, let alone public ones. Wisconsin's seemingly boundless output is the natural outcome of being physically together. As the University prepared to launch their first-ever comprehensive campaign, our assignment was to develop simultaneously a campaign brand and an overarching master brand that would outlive it.
Creative Idea

Boundless Together

At UW-Madison, we see the impossible as an exciting dare to do what nobody else can. Because together, we are a catalyst for creation. We can transform a snow-blanketed campus into a hotbed of creativity and passion. Our spirit of adventure has inspired astronauts and Space Cowboys. And that same spirit turned the Statue of Liberty into the Lady of the Lake. Our feet are firmly planted as we explore our infinite potential. And we see a challenge as our chance to tilt the world on its axis. That's what drives us forward in the lab, on the field, and one-on-one. And while a little healthy tension helps us defy limits and expectations, when we celebrate what binds us together, we can change the very definition of possible.
Comprehensive Campaign

All Ways Forward

This is a rallying cry for anyone and everyone who supports UW/Madison.

From the earliest days of the University, we have prided ourselves on our uncommon achievements – and our shared devotion to the common good. Every accomplishment supports a simple premise: that our dreams and discoveries benefit all citizens of the Badger State. That premise has become a promise that we have upheld since 1848.

Now UW needs our help to maintain that highest of standards. We have the opportunity to unite under one cause: to move our University and its mission forward. For today, for the next 167 years, and beyond. No matter where we are from, we are all Badgers. So let’s show everyone what 400,000 Badgers can do when they work together. Because it takes a Badger to do what no one else can.

The only way forward is all ways forward.

Global Health Institute

Strength in Humankind

The University of Wisconsin/Madison is home to the broadest array of researchers in health on Earth. Not just the health of human beings through research in the School of Medicine and Public Health (unique in and of itself by combining the two disciplines within one school). But through human advancement in the School of Human Ecology and the Faculty of Letters and Sciences. And advancing animal and ecosystem health through the colleges of Agricultural and Life Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. In fact, from the Business and Law schools to Engineering to more traditional health fields, there is no school, college or faculty not working to advance global health. The formation of the Global Health Institute promises to deliver groundbreaking work on the broadest vision of health on our planet. GHI is another example of UW/Madison’s overarching Boundless Together strategy.

High Achieving Admissions

Wisconsin Prime

While Wisconsin may not be the most exciting place to grow up, it is an exciting place to obtain a university education. Too many of Wisconsin’s best high-school students look elsewhere. Encouraging them to stay in-state is the goal of Wisconsin Prime, a yield program targeting the state’s best pupils.