Cornell University

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The Official Hosts of Tomorrow

Newly accredited as a school of business, the Cornell School of Hotel Administration was Cornell's second business school. Despite its name, it had grown beyond being the "hotel" school, building impressive credentials as the world's leading school in hospitality, and, by far, the world's leading business school devoted to a single industry. The school's devoted alumni include the founders of Lyft, the creators of Shake Shack, and the visionaries responsible for the largest real estate project in the history of the U.S. The assignment was to brand this school as something far more compelling than a "hotel" school.
Creative Idea

The World's Most Adventurous Business School

At Cornell, we are the pioneers. We venture through uncharted territory, clearing a path for the future of hospitality. We chart an intrepid course through the business world, through real estate and finance, through food and beverage, even exploring the most exotic places in travel and leisure. When others find our path, we are there to greet them as we continue our own journey to discover and create, to make the world a more hospitable place tomorrow than it is today.